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07 March 2009 @ 01:48 am
gateway drug to everything  
O n e s h o t s.
Tron . Percy Jackson and the Olympians . Sherlock Holmes . Star Trek . Kingdom Hearts
The Demon's Lexicon . Clockwork Angel . Harry Potter . Shakespeare . Troy
Okami . Digimon . Final Fantasy . The World Ends With You . Phoenix Wright
White Collar . Kiss Kiss Bang Bang . Sky Captain . Spy vs Spy . Team Fortress 2


The Demon's Lexicon

Heart-Shaped Boxes (Alan/Mae, PG-13, wordcount: 3037) Nick isn't afraid; but what he does feel can only be called 'dread'.
He couldn't remember who had bought this teapot.

Once Upon a Time (Nick/Jamie, PG-13, wordcount: 1591) He just wants to make it better, in any way he can.
I'm not any good at this.

Lips and Teeth (Nick/Alan, PG-13, wordcount: 502) This is a kiss for the centuries.
Alan whimpers into Nick's mouth.

When Stars Collide (Nick/Jamie, Alan/Mae, PG-13, wordcount: 3832) So they're at the beach.
What, being evil doesn't keep you from sunburn?

101° Fahrenheit (Alan/Mae/Nick, PG, wordcount: 600) Mae is easily distracted; also it's hot.
Can't you see it? You're taller than I am!

Normality and Wanting (Nick/Alan, PG-13, wordcount: 3233) Nick and Alan settle into life after running.
It's all right for you to want something.

Action and Reaction (Nick/Jamie, PG-13, wordcount: 555) The first person he tells is Alan, of course.
I wanted to try it.

Clockwork Angel

Indecency and Loveliness (Will/Tessa/Jem, PG-13, wordcount: 2515) She could feel them crawling under her skin sometimes, like they were a part of her.
It isn't eavesdropping if you're supposed to be involved.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

All I Ever Wanted (Harry/Perry, PG-13, wordcount: 3106) Harry's never been to the beach.
What, you've got something against Kelly Clarkson?

How Not to Narrate, by Harry Lockhart (Harry/Watson (but not really a crossover), PG-13, wordcount: 845) Harry reads Sherlock Holmes.
How the fuck are you supposed to keep track of your word count when you're telling a story, anyway?


So Be It (Achilles/Patroclus, PG, wordcount: 575) ignoring that cousin bullshit btw.
Are you going to wear it or not?

Shakespeare: Hamlet

As the Sky is Blue (Hamlet/Horatio, PG-13, wordcount: 1371) He'd thought that, when you were dying, you would stop caring.
It's a bit grey today, though, don't you think?

White Collar

Predictable (Peter/Neal(/El), PG-13, wordcount: 635)
She catches on faster than you do.


Just Like the Sun (Waka/Ammy, PG, wordcount: 622)
I've always been there.

The World Ends With You
original journal: producing_you

Garbage (Minamimoto/777, R, wordcount: 4408) He really just wanted his mic back.
Your pants are an unnecessary factor in this equation.

Knock Knock (Beat/Shiki, PG, wordcount: 909) Shiki has no one else to turn to.
A-anyway... you c'n stay here, however long you want. Ok?

680 Yen (Blue/Pink/asshat, PG, wordcount: 1726) I have no explanation for this.
But - you can't do that! It's CAT! He's the heart and soul of Shibuya!!

Extraneous Solution (Minamimoto/Hanekoma, PG-13, wordcount: 1129) In which people do not die.
Functions of falling death are that hectopascal's favorite way to deal out the damage.

My Next Symphony (Joshua, Kariya, PG, wordcount: 1479) Joshua calls Kariya in for some srs bsns talkies.
You act like you have a choice in the matter.

Final Fantasy XII
original journal: draklor

The Truth Is (Basch/Balthier, PG-13, wordcount: 2403) It's a rockstar AU. Just go with it.
Chapter One - Spare me, I know all the gossip. I've started most of it myself. All I'm looking for is the truth.
Chapter Two - TBA

My Father's Name (Balthier-centric, PG, wordcount: 4069) In which Balthier's past is discussed.
You will know the truth, and there will be an end. Perhaps it will not be the end you wished, or the truth you wanted, but there will at least be closure.

Innocent (Fran and Penelo, PG, wordcount: 924) In which Penelo dances.
It's hard to know how the dead would feel, about the choices one makes.

My Dear Penelo (Basch/Penelo, PG, wordcount: 845) Told in a series of letters from Larsa.
I'm not sad. I'm happy. I know I am.

The Smile (Balthier/Fran, PG, wordcount: 769) I don't even like this very much. Don't read it.
Stop that, Balthier...

Final Fantasy (etc, crossover)

Of Bedtime Stories and Times Long Past (Ceodore, Kain, PG, wordcount: 837) Ceodore has trouble sleeping.
He has always been prone to nightmares.

Come At Me With Your Full Strength (Edge/Rydia, Irvine/Yuffie, PG, wordcount: 837) Radiant Heights canon - so basically, modern AU
I spilled turpentine on my keyboard. That's bad, isn't it?

The Weight Of (Golbez/Tifa, PG, wordcount: 796) He tried to hide it, at first.
It only got worse.

Unbreakable (Cecil/Kain/Rosa, PG, wordcount: 1264) Hogwarts!AU
That's easy for you to say. You're not six years old.

Team Fortress 2

Hunting Party (gen, PG, wordcount: 992) Thanksgiving!
And you’re waking me up at...Early o’clock, dragging me out of bed, just because it is some silly ‘oliday l’Americainne?

Traditional (Spy/Scout, PG, wordcount: 518) Mistletoe!
Besides, you're in America now. You know what they say! Do things in Rome!

Winterlander (various, PG, wordcount: 2111) Snowball fight!
Doktor, help me hit Scout with snowball. He is too fast!

Seeing is Believing (Spy/Pyro, NC-17, wordcount: 4133) Porn!
It is possible to train the ears to do the work of the eyes.

Phoenix Wright
original journal: das_gericht

Such a Bad Idea (Klavier/Apollo, PG-13, wordcount: 2074) The whole gang ends up at a club.
Dance. Danser. Tanzen. Unless you intend to sit there all night?

Harry Potter

I Drove All Night (Harry/Draco, PG, wordcount: 6290) This is extremely, extremely old. Written pre-HBP.
Aren't you going to... I dunno... go running off to drag him home?