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Writing Fandoms

This is quite different from fandoms I ship things in, being that I can write quite a lot of things that I'm not necessarily a fandom-fan of! Fandoms are listed alphabetically, if there's no notes it means I'll write anything for them.

Italic are the fandoms I'm particularly known for/prolific in. Bold are the fandoms I'm really rocking right now.

General Note: generally speaking, I don't write smut by request. It's not my forte, there are much better smut writers out there, and I find it extremely difficult to write porn to someone else's specifications. There are a few select occasions that I will do so, but those are the exception, not the rule.

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a farewell letter to percy/nico

okay, so. here's the sitch.

as some of you may know (if anyone is still following me, which is a big if), if i didn't create percy/nico single-handedly, then i at least was one of the first to ship it, inspiring a good chunk of parts of the fandom. and we are talking, OTP to end all OTPs, destined to be forever in my heart - there was a time when my name was synonymous with percy/nico. and i loved it.

but i never expected it to become real.

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